This is Plaintiff's ONLY support site. We are funded by a practicing personal injury attorney in Oregon. We regularly attend plaintiff workshops to learn from the best and to remain on the “cutting edge” of the current and future needs of our clients. There will be no need to check your conflict database since we DO NOT serve the defense. Welcome!

Production of Documents, LLC

How Other Attorneys Start with US:
How Other Attorneys Start with US:
1. Retrieve Medical Records
2. Retrieve Billing Records
3. Request Police Reports, 911 Call Recording & CAD Report
4. Organize ALL Medical Records in Chronological Order by Date & by a Provider
5. Summarize ALL Medical Records & Bills in Exell with IDC Codes & Treatment Codes
6. Identify Who paid the Bills & Liens Outstanding
7. Identify & Request MISSING Records & Billing
8. Summarize Medical Treatment

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Samples of Work We Have Done For Other Attorneys:
Samples of Work We Have Done For Other Attorneys:
1. We Are Very Proud of What We Do
2. We Will Not Release Our Work Samples just to anyone
3. You Must Agree to Keep Our Work Product Confidential
4. You Must Prove You are Indeed a Plaintiff Attorney
5. You Must Not Share Our Work Samples With Anyone Outside your Firm
6. Please Call us if you have more questions at 503-367-0829

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How Other Attorneys Started With Us:
How Other Attorneys Started With Us:
Your confidentiality and privacy of your client records are two the most important values for us. Once you are ready, we will create a direct access to our confidential HIPAA Compliant portal. Remember, we do not serve ANY defense firms or their clients, so there will be no need to run the conflict checks. We will not disclose or share or mention your or your clients’ information to anyone, ever. We guarantee the complete security.

Call Us 503-367-0829 or email us your questions.

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Who We Are

This is a plaintiffs bar site created and managed by an American plaintiffs trial attorney. Our “System” was created incorporating the philosophies and teachings of many great plaintiff attorneys and consultants. Production of Documents, LLC is evolving and growing fast.  We have around 200 Indian doctors, nurses, lawyers, paralegals, programmers and other experts to help you – the plaintiff bar – to thrive. We are your opportunity to grow your law practice much easier than before and with greatly reduced expenses and overhead.

FYI: The defense firms and insurance companies have been “outsourcing” their work overseas for years. The Plaintiffs Bar needs to catch up!

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