It should be no surprise that a good demand letter is as important as getting a good client. Did your law school even teach you how to write good a demand? We hope so.

A poorly drafted demand letter will bring you unnecessary litigation and costs.  Our demand letters are “state of the art”. Some of the demand letters are as long as 20 – 30 pages long and filled with medical chronologies, medical opinions, billings with ICD codes, timelines, calculated future medical expenses if needed. These demands are guided by our actual medical doctors that will help our attorneys to write them for you.  We are convinced that the demand letter must be personalized to your firm and as well as to your client. It must be informative, educational to the insurance adjuster, easy to read and understand. We are writing the demand letter every day. Some attorneys even say that after receiving our demand letter one could be ready for trial the next week. Because of the detailed nature in which we summarize and outline your case, the law, and damages.

Our demand letters might include:

  • Accident report details and times
  • Vehicle information
  • DMV information, police reports, citations
  • ICD-9 Billing Codes
  • AMA Guidelines
  • Emergency personal information and summaries
  • Facts and liability explanation
  • Applicable contractual provisions and governing law
  • Summaries of physical injuries
  • Treatment of injuries in detail with Treatment Codes
  • Medical expenses to date
  • Future medical expenses table
  • Lifestyle impact details
  • Summary of damages
  • Patient history
  • Detailed medical chronology before and after
  • Pain medication use chart
  • Pain and suffering chart
  • Wage loss table
  • Before and after client photos
  • Loss of enjoyment of life chart
  • Duress
  • Jury instructions
  • Similar case research per jurisdiction if needed
  • etc. 

Our demand letters are exceptional and we love to brag about it, but we cannot provide the demand letter sample to anyone who asks. 

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