Expert on “Stand-By”

So many times, there will be those big questions that only an expert will know how to answer or ask.  You know that question that you always wanted to ask but it came to you after the thought?

Our experts will make sure this does not happen to you.

We are in process of developing a “Stand-By Expert” you can use at the time of your deposition or an interview. Our plan is to have our doctors and experts to join your depositions via teleconferencing in privet mode, to guide you in “nailing down” the important factual details of your case, at a minimal cost compared to having to pay a U.S. doctor or expert. The expert will be available by instant chat messaging like Skype, GoTo Meeting, Whats Up, etc. on your demand.

The expert will be typing important questions/answers and making comments as you question or depose your witnesses.

Our doctors in India can provide medical opinions, rebuttal affidavits and affirmations at a fraction of the cost of U.S. doctors.

Contact us today 503-367-0829 or email us at and tell us what you need.