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Please send us an email with your name, address, phone number, and we will set up your account for you. We will contact you with all the details so you can get started the same day.

You will be billed $40 flat fee as soon as we receive requested record. This fee does not include the fees the facility charges if any. There is no copy, scan, or any other extra fees.

Many records are obtained much sooner and some are provided within one week of the request.

Most records will be provided to you by email, CD, link. You can specify how would you preffer to receive your records.

One of our favorite services is a Time-Line of the treatment. We can tell you when your clients visited the doctors, how often, whom, and why. But there are many other timelines – crash timeline, past treatment time line, pain and suffering timeline, etc.

You might find ICD-9 codes in your client’s billing and medical records used in conjunction with medical care in all 50 states. The codes are entered into patients medical and billing records and later used by insurance companies to identify symptoms, complaints, causes of injury, and mental disorders.

You can specify how your client’s medical file should be organized and handled. In general, we organize a medical record in chronological order by date and then by a provider.