MD Records Review and Opinion – undisclosed expert

After introducing MD Opinion to our demand letters, the settlement offers grew substantially.

  1. The insurance adjuster knows, after receiving the letter written by the undisclosed MD, you have done your homework.
  2. They will see that you have a medical expert and she is guiding you throughout the case.
  3. You and your opponent know that you and your staff are prepared. It feels good.
  4. Our medical expert will provide you with their honest opinion of all positive and negative facts you should be watching for in client’s case.
  5. This report is usually 2-3 pages long, but it’s priceless and inexpensive at the same time. In fact, this is the most inexpensive way for any plaintiff attorney to receive all preliminary information about the case you are about to invest without any need to hire the expensive expert that attorney will need for a trial.
  6. In addition, this report will absolutely benefit your trial expert – it will save her time and it will save your client lots of money.

This MD Expert Opinion is one of the best services we offer. We love it because it brings your clients good results. 

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