Medical Record Organizing, Indexing, Hyperlinking

It is no surprise to you how much paralegals hate receiving medical records from many providers’ offices – records are often missing or doubled or filled under the wrong last name.  We will help your staff to deal with this difficult and time-consuming task.

We love getting those records organized, categorized, indexed for you and your staff to make sense.

  • Records are sorted in chronological order of treatment
  • Records are tagged, highlighted by keynotes, hyperlinked for easy identification
  • Records are delivered in electronic format to your email address
  • Missing records and bills are identified
  • Summary of records and bills provided in Word and Excel format for easy reading, understanding, and editing
  • The keynotes are highlighted with hyperlinks
  • Every record and bill bookmarked
  • Duplicates are deleted if needed
  • Records will be bates stamped
  • Timeline created for easy viewing
  • Keywords searchable
  • Accessible anytime from any location via your secure portal.
  • and much more

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